Wasser Modul

Wasser Modul

Wasser Modul
Competition / 2nd place

For private and public areas, indoor and outdoor use.
The „Wasser Modul“ turns a usual swimming pool into an atmospheric space
swimming and diving. Without interfering with the existing architecture,
a special swimming experience is offered to the visitors. 
The modules can be
used in 
various ways for family fun as well as for swimming lessons.
The modul in its variety animates, motivates and encourages people to learn
how to swim
in an enjoyable atmosphere. 

The first three prototypes were exhibited at the „Interbad 2010“ in  Stuttgart, Germany.  
Prototypes and exhibition booth designed and built by Maxi Ziehnert and Katja Magel.





Patent  DE 102010015784.8  diclosed 05.11.2012
Utility Model  DE 202010010767.9  confirmed 21.01. 2011